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Body Scrub Review at Thai Square Spa

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When us ladies go to a spa, generally speaking, we like to book in a facial or have a nice relaxing massage, but there is one treatment that isn’t always high on our list. Which is a body scrub, and perhaps its because it’s easier to do a body scrub on ourselves at home, than it is to massage ourselves…

I have never booked myself in for a full body scrub treatment before and I felt like this had to change, after all all the dead skin cells we have on our body needs to come off somehow. I booked myself in for a Thai body scrub, this treatment uses the finest Thai herbal ingredients. Thai Longan Extract tightens and refines skin texture and Thai Turmeric improves circulation, leaving skin with a soft glow. Well what is there not to love!

When you step into the Thai Square Spa in Embankment, you are transported from the busy streets of London, to a calming and tranquil oasis. I got a friendly greeting at reception and was then shown to the locker room, where I got changed into a comfy robe and slippers. I was then taken downstairs to see my beauty therapist.

My beauty therapist used a nice fine body scrub, so it wasn’t harsh on my skin, it was a relaxing treatment and although it was only 45minutes it felt longer. There is a shower in the room, which you are invited in after the treatment to wash away any of the scrub left on your skin. It was at this moment I could feel how soft my skin was, it also had a nice glow to it. I was one happy bunny!


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Now I must stress this place is like no other beauty spa I have ever been in, the dark woods and low lighting creates the perfect atmosphere to make you feel relaxed and tune out from any of the stresses from earlier on in the day.

After my treatment I sat downstairs with a Thai beal fruit tea and relaxed in their comfy lounger, the candle lit room, small budda statues and relaxing music was the perfect fit for me to close my eyes and enjoy some peace. I would easily pay just to come and sit in this room with a Thai bael fruit tea, thats how enjoyable and tranquil it is, it’s certainly a great place to meditate before the day starts!

The treatments here are not very expensive, the Thai body scrub costs £70 for 45mins. The spa has a great number of different treatments available, ranging from facials to ritual therapies and full day spa packages.

The spa is a five minute walk from Embankment station, and is very easy to get to. I shall certainly be back, forget a shopping treat, I would much rather spend my money on making my body feel and look good.


25 Northumberland Avenue

Written by Nyla S.

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