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Expedia shows Historical London

London is definitely a city of history and wonder that this Aussie in London adores. I’ve often wandered the streets and thought to myself ‘what did some of these streets used to look like? Now I have to wonder no more as Expedia have teamed up with Google Street View to allow you to explore historical and modern day London without needing to leave your house.

They have selected fourteen different areas of London and overlaid Google Street view footage with images from days past. It definitely shows that London has changed from the days of the Great Fire of London and The Great Plague of London.


Expedia say ‘We did this to obviously show much these contemporary, neon lit streets have been transformed in recent decades – but we also worked on this project in order to show just how many glimpses of untouched, historic beauty are still visible today’

So take a look and take a tour down London’s bustling streets and see the same streets in days gone by at

Written by Tegan LeBon

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