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London Fashion Week: Emerging Trends Review

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London Fashion Week has been gracing us the last few days! With adverts lining the streets of London and displays with live feed catwalks on shows at most Topshop and Topman outlets in the city, now is the time that the fashion world is focusing on brands in the industry. Although mainly focused on women’s fashion (unlike London Collections: Men), there are a few showcases of the most recent SS14 releases in Men’s fashion. I believe that anytime a fashion blogger hear the three words London Fashion Week, it is like Christmas come early, well that’s how I felt yesterday. I had the opportunity to attend the first day of London Fashion Week, I wasn’t able to attend Somerset House during the day but nonetheless I was attending one of the shows in the evening “Emerging Trends” and that was good enough for me.

On my way to the event, you could tell who was going to London Fashion Week, they were all so glamorously dressed. I didn’t want to be late so I got to the venue nice and early. I was greeted at the reception by some lovely woman, dressed in black, who could have been models themselves. Our tickets were scanned, it was all so surreal, and I was actually at London Fashion Week and the led into a room while we waited to be seated.

We were lead into this room, with a runway and lights everywhere. I managed to grab a good seat, second row. I was ready for London Fashion Week….. Lights went dim and the show started……………  the 200 guests filled up the show’s main catwalk area and the competition began to a short video clip and a showcase of Rudy Wolff’s latest pieces, which reflected the theme of ‘Best of British’ that ran through the show. Rudy Wolff’s (Norwegian Designer) collection showcased a comeback of the flag trend, however shifting from the previously ‘in fashion’ American flag, to a small hint of either a typically Scottish tartan or British Union flag, as shown in the images throughout this article.

This show was very good as it was a platform for emerging designers to showcase their line and ideas through their designs. There was actually a twist to this show, as the four designers had to compete with each other. There was three sections, past, present and future, the designers had to showcase their best designs within these sectors. There was some interesting designs and was also fascinating to see how the designers visualized each section in their designs.

This was an extraordinary opportunity for emerging fashion designers to showcase their talent and ability to a variety of sponsors, buyers, press and the media. The winner of the contest was to receive and an exclusive $10,000 marketing package which including an opportunity to showcase their full line at no cost at either Western Canada Fashion Week, San Diego Fashion Week or Boston Fashion Week in the Fall 2013. My favourite designer was Nina Athansiou, I just loved the fact that her line was so easy going but still screamed. You would want to be seen wearing her line, the use of soft neutral colours and different textures.

The winner of this year’s Emerging Trends competition during London Fashion Week SS14 was Nina Athanasiou, whose designs reflected her suitably closed, comfortable and visibly creative personality. Her designs are well worth a look, considering she missed her son’s first day at school to attend the show and whose talent far outweighed that of the organisers. Overall, a good night but looking forward to the other shows…

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