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Mango Tree Review

Mango Tree in Belgravia is one of those elegant and stylish Thai restaurants that can rightly boast about how authentic their Thai food is! They use the finest ingredients sourced both locally and abroad. We recently visited Mango Tree and was very much impressed with how enjoyable the dinning experience was but most importantly how great the food tasted.

The restaurant serves genuine Thai dishes from each of the four main culinary regions: rich, mild dishes from the north, spicy dishes from the east, mild dishes from the central region, and spicy food from the south. When we entered we were greeted with the traditional sawadee kah (hello in Thai) along with a bow and the prayer-like hand gesture, the ideal greeting to kick start off our authentic Thai dining experience. Once seated we were given an extensive menu, listing a  huge range of dishes, so you may want to try a new dish you haven’t tried before and leave out the classic Pad Thai for another day.

For starters we opted for the Tow hoo Tod – deep fried tofu toasted with chilli and spring onions served with spicy peanut sauce. Now some tofu can be pretty bland, but we were pleasantly surprised, on how flavoursome the tofu was and how beautifully it was presented.

Mango Tree Victoria -1

The other starter was the Gai hor bai toey – Deep fried corn-fed chicken fillet marinated with coriander and garlic, which was wrapped in pagan leaf, it was beautifully cooked and a big thumbs up on the presentation.

Mango Tree Victoria -2

For the main, we went for the Kow pad saprot, if you are the type of person with a big appetite then you will love this dish – stir fried thai rice with chicken, prawns, sweet pineapple, garnished with eggs, cashew nuts and raisons. the dish was served in a pineapple bowl, which we absolutely loved, it came in a very generous size, and at £19.95 for the dish it was very good value for money, considering how big the dish was and how fresh and authentic it tasted. It was the winning dish of the evening by far and if I had room in my stomach, I would have ordered a second dish, I can only describe it as exquisite.

Mango Tree Victoria -4

After our main course, we happily sipped on our cocktails, whist allowing some time for our stomachs to digest our meals before we tucked into dessert. Now I must say the dessert menu had seven impressive choices, after a lot of debate, we finally decided on the Three Chocolate Cake with pandan ice cream. Now this was no ordinary chocolate cake, No Sir!  this cake had a combination of white, milk and dark chocolate sponge, covered in milk chocolate, it was a melt in your mouth experience, transforming us into a chocolatey heaven for a dreamy 15 minutes.

Mango Tree Victoria -5

This restaurant is the perfect place to take a loved one for a special occasion or just to treat them to a top notch dining experience. Mango Tree is next to Buckingham Palace Gardens, so if you’re lucky to have a nice Summers day, we recommend having a stroll on over to take in the views.


46 Grosvenor Place

Written by Nyla Sammons
Photography by Nya Sammons

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