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Peckhamplex Immersive IT Screening Review

It_08172016_Day 36_9117.dngThis month, one of author Stephen King’s most terrifying creations, IT’s Pennywise the Clown, will take over London’s Peckhamplex cinema. I was lucky enough to attend a preview screening on 6th September and can assure you I was suitably terrified; by both the immersiveness of the experience and the film.

With early, mostly glowing reviews already I won’t go into too much detail about the film itself. Suffice to say, it is scary, funny, brilliantly acted, at times moving, infectiously adventurous and, surprisingly, quite surprising. I say this last point because I have seen the 1990s TV film (although I haven’t read the book) and it has taken me about 27 years to start sleeping properly again. I am genuinely excited and apprehensive to see IT: Chapter 2.

The immersive screening of IT is part of a “IT Upgrade” that features live added thrills in the cinema to complement and enhance what is happening on screen. Without giving too much away, imagine the scariest thing you have ever seen at a cinema. Now imagine that also happening in a cinema. Think scary clowns running around, things popping, stuff jumping, people screaming in terror (not just me)…

Chilling immersive screening of the new motion picture IT, London, 6th September 2017The audience I was with were genuinely loving it. In the UK it is rare that I experience people shouting at a villain on screen, awwwing at a cute kid doing something awkward, people audibly cringing at moving shadows… but this all happened. And more. I fully recommend!

These globally exclusive screenings will take place only at Peckhamplex, one of London’s most beloved and longest running independent cinemas. Thrill-seekers can purchase “IT Upgrade” tickets for the Friday 8th September 8.45pm performance by visiting the website or calling the box office on 0844 567 2742.


95a Rye Lane


SE15 4ST



Written by Gareth Brown


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