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Quaglino’s Murder Mystery Event Review


A few weeks ago we attend an evening with Whitney. It was a smashing success but this Wednesday murder mystery was a more intimate affair.  Now I love a good murder mystery so was definitely looking for this one. Especially as it was set in a setting as opulent as Quaglinos.

I arrived dressed for the part in my 1920′s outfit, so it was a relief to see everyone also dressed to the nines. Starting with a cocktail and canapés reception we learned of a murder most foul.

Reverend Green was discovered with the body of the deceased Arthur in the garden. Arthur had a around his neck and had been stabbed three times by Revered Green in the chest. The brilliant Detective Poirot believed Reverend Green was innocent. It was our job to solve the mystery by discovering the method, motive and who actually killed the poor man.

While eating a delicious three course meal, we were provided with clues and able to talk to the three talent d actors. We almost stopped playing because our our delicious our meals were. We had a choice of Salmon tartare or Sweetcorn Veloute, a delicious soup for starters. Both were fresh and delicious. The food at Quaglinos is really second to none. Fresh and so full of flavour, we devoured our mains of Slow Cooked Short Rib of Beef and Summer Squash Risotto. It was our dessert though that really stole the show, Red Velvet Creme Brûlée. Traditional Creme Brûlée with the added of ingredient of Raspberries and editable gold glitter. Absolutely delicious and devoured in no time at all.

Despite all the delicious food, we had a mystery to solve. My friend and I, (with the help of one of our fellow diners) questioned the actors and tried to put all the clues together. Unfortunately by the end of the dinner we had only solved the method and the identity of one of the killers. I do say our version did make more sense than the true ending. Our loss was forgotten with one of Quaglino’s delicious cocktails so it didn’t hurt too bad.

It was a brilliant night out that I’d definitely do again. Everything about Quaglinos is on point and it’s an evening you won’t forget.



Address: 16 Bury St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AJ




Written by Tegan LeBon

Photo from Quaglinos

Twitter and Instagram: toogs1

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