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If you’re stressing about how your skin will react to the sun this Summer worry no further as we’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a suncare range that helps your skin adapt to the sun. These advanced products use high-tech formulas that minimize the harmful effects of UV radiation whilst holding onto the positive effects. Sounds clever right?

I think what really stands out about these products is that they really CARE for your skin – they release ingredients deep into the skin allowing even sun-intolerant skin to adapt to the sun without reacting. How genius is that? I mean everyone deserves a tan don’t they? And how do they do this? Creator of these unconventional and unique suncare products has produced a protective, youth enhancing, anti-wrinkle suncare line, which adapts to both your skin type AND the sun’s intensity. To clarify, instead of working with a traditional SPF rating (we’re generally told to whack on factor 30), these products help the skin to gradually adapt to the sun and protect itself, rather than blocking out the rays. So, by choosing a suitable strength – they have gentle (mid-season, brief exposure), moderate (Summer, average exposure) and strong (Mountain/Tropics/Sea, long exposure) sun types as well as exposure to sun forbidden (high protection) available. Alongside the four different strengths they have four skin types including normal skin, sensitive skin, intolerant skin or exposure to skin forbidden and hyperpigmented skin. By choosing the strength suitable according to your environment and exposure level and your skin type you’ll be protecting your skin, enhancing the look of your skin AND helping it work up a suntan. What could be better?

Products in the suncare range include a face and body spray, a protective anti-wrinkle and firming face cream, a protective sun care oil for body and hair, a protective face care cream, a body spray, a body lotion, an after sun repair firming anti-wrinkle face cream, a tan prolonging body lotion and an EDP inspired by the scent of the sun protection products.

As a child the creator of Esthederm had skin that was intolerant to the sun and now I’ve heard he has a permanent tan thanks to his break-through product range. Feels like there’s a solution to everything with brands like this breaking the beauty mould. These products rock!

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Written by Julia Nelson

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