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Smoothskin Review

Bare Box - Black
I think it’s safe to say most women out there, like myself have unwanted hair, whether it be on our arms or our legs… It’s in the Summer months that it becomes more of a nuisance, as you tend to flash your skin a lot more than in the Winter months.

There are a lot of hair removal devices on the market, which all promise to get rid of unwanted hair in 12 weeks. So where do you start? I started by looking at youtube and seeing what vloggers had experienced and the overall results. I came across ‘Smoothskin’ in a few videos and after listening to the glowing reviews, I felt this was the best one to try.

The device comes in a nice black box and it is quite small and light, it’s a corded device, so you will need access to a plug socket. It’s very easy to use, you plug it in, place the laser on the unwanted hair and press a button, which zaps the hair.

You are advised to shave the hair first and then use the hair removal device. Yes the zap does hurt, its a sharp prick, but after a while, you get use to it. It took me about 5 minutes to do one arm. After all, we all know the saying ‘no pain, no game’. Once you get over the pain, you can enjoy being fuzz-free.

Now, it’s not instant, they recommend you use it for 12 weeks. After zapping my arm hair once a week, for twelve weeks, I can happily report I have silky soft hair free skin.

There’s one low intensity level that’s safe for all skin tones, so good news for ladies with darker darker skin tones, like myself. It is also very affordable for a hair removal device at only £199 from



Written by Nyla S.

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