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Vegan and vegetarian eatery Tibits Bankside does food that loves you back


Vegan diets became a ‘thing’ years ago. They became mainstream years ago too. You just have to go to LA and its ‘vegan this and vegan that’ everywhere you turn. South of the river on Southwark Street in the heart of London’s Bankside district is a newly launched vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Tibits Bankside. There’s also another London site on Heddon Street too. What used to be a warehouse now offers vegan and vegetarian food on a flashy food boat where customers can select what they want to put on their plates. The idea is that you pay the weight of the food that you eat. Kind of like a buffet but not so guilt-inducing as the dishes are all plant-based!

The variety of 40+ fresh and delicious dishes is impressive – there’s a lot to pick from including salads, hot dishes, soups, freshly pressed juices, muselis and desserts. The homemade bircher museli has got me wanting to go back one morning it looks that good! If you like aubergine they do bbq aubergine and the summer fave is their Bangkok curry noodles. Matcha fans may want to check out the Matcha Maker cocktail..

With various other sites in Switzerland, these three brothers from Switzerland have turned their dream into a reality and they’re on to a good thing. Vegan food is becoming an even bigger thing for sure. It’s the future watch and see. They also deliver via deliveroo and offer an exclusive private dining room ideal for parties, special occasions and corporate meetings. Go head on down and get a glass of something chilled! Their website has their recipes on there too if you fancy creating something healthy. This is food that loves you back. No really.

Check out their recipes on their website here:

Written by Julia Nelson

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