The Christmas presents that my girls want this year seem to be getting bigger and more expensive. Both of the girls seemed to write their lists in September and when I say list what I mean is booklet.

I thought I’d put together a little post of a few things they are asking for just in case you’ve been struggling to come up with ideas for presents.

Barbie Malibu House
Barbie Malibu House
This first started when they saw it in Toy Story 3 and since then they’ve been asking for it. This is a massive 2 storey Barbie house that is actually bigger than our own house.
Plus a toy that they can share and play together with, just shop around as some places are selling it for £99 and others are selling it for £55.


Shopkins Supermarket Set
Shopkins Supermarket Playset
The girls have been Shopkins mad since they first saw it on an American YouTube channel. Shopkins are these weird toys of items you find in shops, ok maybe I didn’t sell them very well but for the girls these are they best things since Loombands.
You can expect to pay around £24.99 for this set.


anna and elsa doll set
Anna and Elsa Dolls
Anything to do with Frozen will this year be a winner, oh and if you plan on getting anything to do with Frozen get in there quickly as it’s all selling out very fast. They already have the DVD, CD, outfits so they may as well have the dolls too.


Fur Real Panda
Fur Real Pets
Both the girls have asked for one of these. Aly want’s Pom Pom the Panda and Mia wants Daisy the Cat. These are pets that you interact with, feeding them and they walk and talk. Depending on the pet they act differently.
There is quite a few different Fur Real Pets and prices start from around £35 and can go up to £75


That’s a selection of the toys my girls are after and add to that various Disney DVDs and a few Lego pieces.

Is there any toys that your children are wanting from Santa?

By Darren Coleshill