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48 Hours in Brooklyn, NYC

Yep that’s right, Manhattan has taken a back seat, in the last couple of years and Brooklyn has really taken off. The bars and restaurants in this neighborhood are in high demand, and new innovative bars are popping up all the time. So where do you start? That’s the million dollar question. In the last year I’ve been to New York, three times, and each time I stayed in Brooklyn. However when I first went to Brooklyn, I found the whole thing pretty overwhelming. It’s so big and would I have the time to visit all the places everyone raved about? So to help you out, I have given you some of the best places I would recommend visiting and if you’re fast on your feet you can see it all in 48 hours!

If you are coming from Manhattan, instead of taking the subway there, I would recommend heading downtown and walking over the Brooklyn bridge, its a glorious walk, generally packed with tourists, so head over in the morning to avoid the crowds. If you don’t mind the crowds, then I would suggest walking over the bridge, starting from the Brooklyn side at sunset, where you will get to see the tall Manhattan building being lit up by the sun going down. The light in New York is truly beautiful during sunset.

Once over the bridge, you can walk on over to Dumbo, which has some great art galleries and book stores. Also check out the view of the Manhattan bridge on Washington street, which over the years haa become very popular with bloggers. Janes Carousel is a beauty to see, so make sure you take the short walk on over there too.

By now if you’re feeling hungry I would recommend One Bedford Avenue, where you can chow down on a salmon burger! I haven’t tasted anything like this in the UK! It was fresh, nicely seasoned and came in a fresh soft brioche bun, accompanied by chips. You can also get a traditional beef burger, but in my opinion the salmon burger is worth the trip there. The nearest station is Greenpoint Avenue on the G Train. Next I would suggest heading over to Williamsburg, where you will find the hipsters, and plenty of them. Here you will find vintage shops, just nearby Bedford Avenue station. If you are a lover of pizza, I highly recommend Two Boots, again, just near the station. Thin crust, by the slice pizza! Just the way it should be! If you are vegan, you will be happy to know they have vegan pizza options too!

In need of some culture, check out the Brooklyn Museum and the countless art galleries around. If in need of some greenery and fresh air, you can choose the Brooklyn Botanical Garden or for a free day out, opt for Prospect Park.

Get your street art fix in Bushwick, it’s the perfect place to update your instagram. If time is limited and you want to see as much great street art as you can, then book yourself on a graffiti walking tour. Brooklyn Unplugged has been around for a while and they do tours for $32.00, or you could opt for a free tour and just tip generously at the end.

Another bridge, worth visiting and walking over is the Williamsburg Bridge, this bridge doesn’t get as much attention as the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s worth finding the time.

Coney Island, the retro amusement park, loved by locals as well as tourists for well over a century, is definitely worth a visit. Not only can you go on the famous Cyclone roller coaster, you will see street performers, a mermaid parade and you’ll get to sample the well known Nathan’s hotdog. I will tell you now, they aren’t amazing, and there are better hotdogs throughout NYC, but if you want to tick it off your bucket list you can here. The yellow sandy beaches are wide and grand.  Perfect, to lay your head down after a day at the amusement park.

In the evening, you must check out the bars, and when I say check out, the best would be to bar hop, so you can see as many as you can fit in. If you happen to be in Prospect Heights, I would recommend The Bearded Lady, a great cocktail spot, where you will find locals. They take their cocktails seriously here, so you are in good hands. There is also a pool table if you are feeling competitive. Dive bars in Brooklyn are a must, they are full of cool locals and good booze! You can find ones with live music and pool tables. Union pool is great for live music, they host an eclectic range of shows.

You will find some of the best looking Brooklynites at The Wythe in Williamsburg. Head to the rooftop bar, where you will get a beautiful view, looking into Manhattan. The vibe is good and you’ll end up spending a pretty penny here. It is worth it though!

Written by Nyla S.




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