Alumier Glow Face Peel at SKIN Lounge

Nowadays we tend to be pretty good at having a skin care regime, I myself will cleanse, tone, moisturise and then apply an SPF before I leave the house. But I do tend to forget to exfoliate and have regular facials, so yes my skin can sometimes appear to be quite dull. So last week I went to SKIN Lounge in Richmond to get an Alumier glow face peel and treat my skin to a treatment it deserves. I was greeted in reception by my therapist Hollie, she was nice and friendly and talked me through the benefits of the treatment. I laid down on the treatment bed, feeling very excited to relax for the next 45 minutes while Hollie did my treatment. Hollie started with a double cleanse removing my make-up and any oil from my skin. An enzyme retexturing treatment was then applied for 7 minutes, which is good for plumping and brightening the skin. Once this was wiped off the face peel was applied. What I found most surprising was, my face didnt sting or feel uncomfortable once the face peel was applied. Most face peels tend to sting and can be quite irrating, so a big thumbs up there! While I lay there for fifteen minutes with the face peel on, Hollie gave me a nice and relaxing head massage, I must say this was the highlight of my treatment! Once the peel was removed, Hollie cleansed my skin and then applied an eye cream, a balm and SPF cream. I looked in the mirror after my treatment, where I had a good feel of how soft my face felt, my skin also looked brighter and radiant. I was very happy with the results. I also loved the fact that at SKIN Lounge, they don’t just tell you about aftercare, they also provide you with mini skincare products to help keep your skin looking radiant after the treatment. You get a box which contains a cleanser, a recovery balm and SPF cream to use three – five days after the chemical peel, to receive the best results. This was the first time a salon I have been to gifted me aftercare products and what a nice touch it was! The salon is modern with a luxurious feel to it and the cost of the treatment is £120. They also offer a range of different facials depending on your needs, other than facials you can also get booked in for a massage, a spray tan, body treatments and hair reduction – you can view all of their treatments on their website: Address: 40 Friars Stile Rd, Richmond TW10 6NQ Written by Nyla S.