Appreciating the small things

Children are great at noticing the smallest of details. They look around them as they walk, not just at the hazards in front of them, but at everything from the pavement to the sky. I think as we get older we become ignorant to the beauty of everyday life or just too busy to acknowledge it.


It is amazing how many questions there are to ask if you are a few feet high and not yet old enough to be afraid to ask what others may deem a silly question.

These pictures were taken on a bright summers day (do you remember those?) and were stored on my smart phone, looking back at them recently made me warm inside, remembering the hour or so spent walking through a local park looking in awe at the mini beasts and other forms of wildlife, the beautiful detail of the flowers and enjoying the simplistic play equipment.


Who needs expensive tech gadgets and dvds when there is so much joy to be found from the everyday small things? Even living in a massive city like London, we have little gems of nature all around us if we take the time out of our hectic days to think like a child, look from the ground, way up into the sky and appreciate everything we see in between.