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Awkward City’s Dissolve Review

“If you could hold on to only one memory for the rest of your life which one would you choose?”
Was the tagline and the memory of this short but amazing play/production was one I’d definitely love to keep.
Based on a young girls struggle with memory loss dissolve tells the story of how important memories are. It paints a picture and creates an atmosphere which had  the audience in a trance.
Immediately as I waited outside in the foie I had no idea what to expect. But I wasn’t expecting to be as immersed and drawn in as I was. The stage appeared basic yet very dark and gloomy. With just a bed and props tucked away,  The Amateur set up and stage gave a feel of intimacy. I sat at the back and began to soak up the atmosphere. I immediately felt a huge degree of suspense an curiosity. Art isn’t defined its to be interpreted, so I sat painting my own picture.
I don’t want to give away too much because I sincerely would love for our readers to experience this all for themselves. Merging both live film and live performance was an amazing method of really building the story, I felt submerged.
The team were in sync and had an amazing chemistry. They were effortlessly fluent in working with both film and live performances simultaneously. The Music was massively effective in creating a mood, it gave depth and with the expressions and acting fitting so perfectly. The thoughts and feelings almost became mine, I was emotionally involved from the first few minutes.
The concept was intense and the use of film and live acting was brilliance. Using what I’m guessing, was a cannon D7 showed the brilliance of the team in using props to create amazing visuals on the screen.
The narrative added to the beauty of the story, how the loss of memories is ultimately the loss of ones self. One line I took from it all was “I Burnt my old school books in the fire, I felt as though I’d committed myself to the flames “
I personally am never easily impressed however in this instance I was in love with the concept and delivery. I strongly recommend you get down to the new diorama theater and see Dissolve for yourself. For more details of the play’s details check out our Recommends to the right of this article or at the bottom if you are using our mobile version of the site.

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