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Boring Resolutions

So it’s a New Year and I think to myself what practical resolutions can I start this year? The lighbulb finally goes off in my head and I decide a money management one, “BORING” but necessary right. I have a serious love/hate relationship with money. I’m not going to lie…I love when payday comes around or even when the Inland Revenue write to me on the very rare occasion explaining that I’m entitled to a tax refund. Nonetheless I hate when my rent, council tax, television licence, phone bill, oyster card, congestion charge, gas, electric and those swanky designer trainers I NEED to pickup in Selfridge’s all come around at the same time.

Even though we all hate these ludicrous costs that inconveniently come around each month it’s vital that we adopt the art of budgeting and saving money not only for those rainy days or security but also for our personal progression.

You’re probably thinking it’s easier said than done but it’s as easy as putting away as little as £5 a week away or £400 a month. However much you’re able to put aside is more than fine, in the long run you can afford to go on a luxury holiday with family or friends, buy that car you’ve always wanted or even have money to put towards buying property or starting a business.

Not only will it be more rewarding for yourself in the long run but it encourages a better quality of life and also sets a good example to the younger generation to be wise with money as now days it’s easy for us to depend and spend money that is not ours (i.e. overdrafts, loans and credit cards)

If you’re not in a position to start saving as of now don’t let this dishearten you. Planning and being wise with the money you have is crucial and in the long run you will see the benefits of smart saving.

Here are a few tips to help you:

1.            Open a new bank account or ISA (One that you won’t touch)

2.            Decide on what you are going to put away, remember it can be as little as £5 per week

3.            Set yourself a target – An image of a holiday, trip, car, house, may motivate you.

I usually use an image to remind me of all the amazing places I can travel to or take my partner too, plus her seeing it makes me want to save even more. Use my image…



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