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Oversized Coats back in Style

As autumn quickly draws upon us, there are many trends that are arising this season- or shall I say making a sweet return; one of them being oversized coats. The androgynous style is perfect to More »

Fashion Fix: Straps are in

Platform heels and wedges are probably every woman’s answer to her prayers of finding comfortable heels. With platforms and wedges, you get the length you are looking for and you are able to walk confidently More »

Eyebrows that help shape your face

I didn’t realise how important it was to keep my eyebrows in shape until my early 20s. A friend said to me “You should really get your eyebrows threaded, it would really open up your More »

On the Plus Side

Sometimes, it seems like everything is about being skinny — juice cleansed will cut calories, yoga will keep you in tip-top shape and there’s always a new diet to try. But all the attention placed More »

Pucker Up!

As we are truly within the summer months, I am hoping that the weather matches the season. We want to say goodbye to the miserable grey clouds and pray for the sun rays! To help More »