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Celebrate London’s Eighties Clubwear

THE Victoria & Albert museum’s major summer 2013 exhibition will look at how London’s Eighties club scene had a revolutionising impact on the international fashion world. Over 85 outfits by designers such asJohn Galliano and Vivienne More »

Plastic Fantastic

With Spring finally here, along with those delightful April showers, you will be happy to know that one of the up-and-coming trends does not only look cool, but is also highly practical to see you More »

Minisized: The New “IT” Bag

Gone are the days of oversized handbags being popular amongst the fashion world. We have seen the rise in tote bags and satchels and now even these sought after styles are being minimised to keep More »

Trendy Colours

Slowly but surely the weather is becoming more appealing and there’s no better time to embrace the colours of the season. Did I hear someone shout yay?! When it comes to dressing up and choosing More »

Beauty with No Limits

I’m sure you have reached a stage where you really want to do something but you start to get scared, start to doubt your abilities, start to question whether you will succeed and even start More »