Do I qualify as a “Foodie”?

It’s that term again “FOODIE” it’s a bit like the term “Fashonista” what does that really mean? As I sat down to type this piece I thought to myself, Abi are you actually a quote on quote “foodie”? Here was my thinking; basically I love everything about food, the smell, the touch and the look of it. I even spend hours upon hours each day thinking about what I can eat and where I can get it! Does this make me a Foodie? Hmmmm possibly… But then there is the other side of me! I actually hate cooking, yes I said it out loud and man does that feel great!!!

There is something about admitting you are a Foodie that means you have to look cooking the stuff, which if that is the case then I am already disqualified. I love eating and thank God I have a small waistline, so I can get away with indulging in amazing foods. I go to restaurants all over London sampling the most expensive unique cuisine all the way down to the cheap stuff, but all in all I do it because I love to eat. It’s the full embodiment of the experience that excites me about the food I eat, let me paint you a picture… One of my favourite quick eats is a restaurant in Clapham Common called Pizzeria on the Green, I love the whole excitement of walking into this little green Italian restaurant and being greeted by the big smiles and laughter of the Italian waiters that serve there. The simplistic décor makes me feel like I am sat in Little Italy and the rustic bottle of red wine at the table sets the scene for me. Are these all clichés? Of course they are, but they all add to the experience, so once the food is in front of me I can truly experience the unique tastes of garlic, tomatoes and parmesan cheese within my dish. That reminds me I must go there soon, just thinking about it makes me hungry…

So back to my train of thought, am I a Foodie? I am going to say absolutely not, firstly I hate the word anyway and secondly I am not a kitchen whiz. But saying that I have decided that for 2013 I will love the kitchen, we will be best friends and I will learn to make the best dishes worthy of the Foodie title. Please humour me as we take this journey together as I visit places to dine in London and also as I attempt to cook up a storm or a disaster in the kitchen. Comment and make suggestions it’s all part of the learning process. I will also be posting on the right, my recommended places to visit for the week, I hope you enjoy them!! Don’t forget you can suggest your own favourite places on the YOUR PLACES section of this website.

Until next time