Instagram Junkie

I have always been intrigued by the interactivity of social media websites. The way in which we communicate through these various mediums; the fact that we are able to catch up with friends has allowed the likes of Instagram and Twitter to be an effective communication tool which is almost as valuable as a phone call or seeing someone face to face.

I own an iPhone and out of the 100’s of irrelevant applications stored on it, the only app I refer to day in day out is Instagram. I check it before I get out of bed, on my way to work, at work, on the toilet, while eating out and even before I go to sleep. I’ve always been a social media junkie however my addiction to Instagram is somewhat ridiculous.

I’m often questioned about how I find Instagram so entertaining however I think everyone’s Instagram experience is unique and different due to the people we follow. If you are interested in fashion then following people such as @TrendsetUK will provide you with beautiful images of the latest trends, clothes and accessories. If you want sheer entertainment, following people like @KevinHart4Real or even @BadGalRiRi

Admittedly I follow @BadGalRiRi (Rihanna) on both Instagram and Twitter solely for entertainment value as in the past, words between herself and fans have been exchanged where she has called her fans out or shut them down for passing judgement on her personal life…rather entertaining and hilarious to say the least

Even though social media sites can be fun and entertaining, I know many-a-man that have got into fights (this is known as eBeef) and even been caught out on these websites. Social media plays a big part of our lives today, I know more people that check their social media pages than news papers and information on current affairs which just shows how important social media communication is today.

If like myself you are an Instagram junkie follow me and I’ll follow back.

Riccardo McMillan-Wright | Instagram: @riccardomcmillanwright