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Is Fast 6 the Movie of the year?


Fast 6 may just be the film of the year!

Adrenaline, suspense and a whole lot of goosebumps to follow. I really didn’t know what to expect apart from pure action from a bunch of incredible celebrities. I had only watched the second Fast and Furious, with Ludacris playing Tej Parker sporting a big fro who held the races, here is where the long-haired Paul Walker who plays Brain O’Conner would usually turn up and partake.

A few years later and we establish that they are all grown-up! The closeness of the characters remains strong – yet the mystery of the character ‘Letty’ finally comes to light in numero six.

Justin Lin is amazing for every image he captured and translated in this movie. It was more than a movie – it was an unforgettable experience that even left me with chills when it sadly finished (I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as a sad ending though). Lots of gasps and applauds came from the stunned audience members. Lin really outdone himself, with the thrilling effects used, and not to mention my most memorable parts of the movie being many of the scenes being filmed on the streets of London that I regularly travel around. This movie made me more than proud to be a Londoner. Vin Diesel’s smoothness of Dominic Toretto made almost every female weak at the knees. Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris really do contribute a lot of humour and light heartedness to the action film with works very well. Owen Shaw, played by Luke Evans is certainly one to watch out for! Darkness at its finest level. Last and certainly not least; Dwayne Johnson = legend.

Each contribution to every part of this film was phenomenal and it showed – from the indescribable fighting scenes, to the twists and amazing characters that I haven’t fully given enough credit for. You really gain a wonderful British feel from seeing the familiar faces like Ivory played by David Ajala, who is one of Shaw’s men, and even the villain Shaw himself who is originally Welsh. This brilliant sixth sequel gets 5 shiny gold stars. The hat goes off to Mr Lin.

Hannah Ajala

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