Lessons from the Top

“Everyone tells stories. It’s one of the ways we connect with our friends and families. It’s how we impress people when we apply for jobs and university places. It’s what we do on Facebook and Twitter, and even how we go about the business of dating and finding a partner. Leaders tell stories too. They do so to attract, impress, control and retain their followers. Leaders have to possess many different skills, but without the ability to tell stories, they would have no followers and would cease to lead anyone.” Gavin Esler has written a book about the power of such stories, based largely on leaders he has met.

Why not come and hear first hand from one of the great leadership pioneers? Gavin Esler will be talking at BAFTA, London, W1j 9LN on Thurs 24th January from 9:30-12pm

Plus all guests get a free book Lessons from the Top book!