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Perfecting your Valentines look

With Valentine ’s Day coming up, I am certain that you want to look your very best  and one of the main ways to making this happen is by ensuring your makeup is on point! I have come to learn and appreciate that everyone has different makeup looks so where some like their makeup strong, colourful and obvious, others like their makeup calm and natural. But one thing everyone needs is the perfect finishing touch or should I say, finishing touches. Here are a few tips to making your makeup look a bit more flawless than usual.

It is so annoying when after you have applied your makeup and think you are done, a blemish is on show. If you want to tackle this, become closely acquainted with concealer- it does the trick. It has more coverage than foundation so it covers up more without looking thick and unattractive. My tip is to first apply your concealer with a brush on your blemishes and/or under your eyes and then apply your foundation.

If you are like me, when you apply your foundation your face looks flawless but after a few hours and a few activities, the flawless look disappears and you are left with an oily shiny face. At first I use to think the brand was useless and not for me, until I noticed it happened with a few brands; surely they all could not be rubbish. To overcome this, I started using a blot/pressed powder. This helps to remove shine and give my face the matte flawless look I started off with. They are available from nearly every makeup brand and are definitely worth a buy. So ensure you cleanse, tone and moisturise, apply your makeup using your blot/pressed powder to set your foundation and take your blot/pressed powder out with you.

Nobody likes dry or chapped lips, well I certainly don’t. It takes the beauty away from your makeup and your lipstick. I usually exfoliate my lips once a week. You can buy lip exfoliants but I prefer to use a homemade recipe of honey, sugar and Vaseline- it leaves my lips nice and soft and makes it the perfect base for any lipstick or lipgloss allowing it to look immaculate, sleek and long lasting.

All in all ladies, ensure your makeup look is neat and elegant. Too much colour on one face is usually not attractive. If you are going for a look with strong colourful eyes, consider using soft colours on your lips such as nude/nude pink or clear gloss. Or you might even decide to go with bold lips and simple, neutral eyes; even add a pair of lashes to make your eyes pop more. Whatever look you decide, make sure it compliments you, your skin tone and your outfit.






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