Review: Brew Cafe – Battersea

brew3On Sunday I went with my partner to sunny Northcote Road in Battersea. If you’re familiar with Northcote Road you know it is filled with buzzing boutiques and restaurants. Therefore when a long queue outside a particular cafe caught our eye, and we had to try it.

Enter stage left Brew Cafe, a small quaint cafe on Northcote road filled with young South-West Londoners brunching, lunching and having a relaxed drink. The cafe was quite small, cosy one may say, with tables and chairs tightly packed together. It did mean having a great nose at what other people are eating.


When we sat down I had one of Brew Cafe’s infamous coffees, a simple latte, but it was lush. A perfect start to my brunch, as I needed a pick me up after the long drive. I asked the waiter to order for me, as with so much choice I thought it was safest to get him to choose their best dish. My partner is a creature of habit and ordered a burger and chips, yum!

Lunch arrived was my eyes lit up, I was only going to eat American banana filled pancakes with cream, raspberries, maple syrup and crispy bacon. Yup I knew the waiter wouldn’t let me down. As the people to the left and right of me had food envy and so did my partner I sheepishly tucked into my meal.

brew1The pancakes were to die for, overly filling. I’m not the best sweet and savoury person, but the saltiness of the bacon offset the sweetness of the maple syrup divinely.
My partner loved his burger and chips also, I can’t pretend I tasted it, I was in deep pancake mode. The pancakes were so filling I could only complete half, and felt a bit sad leaving it behind when we departed.

Brew cafe is a must! If you can get over the space issue, you will love the food, the vibe and the people. Great staff team and even friendlier customers, it made sitting close a lot more pleasurable.

Brew Cafe also have a second site in Wimbledon why not check out their website here:

Follow them on Twitter here: @brew_cafe