‘Run Richmond Park’ 10k & 5k Race

The ‘Run Richmond Park’ races take place every month and include several routes; including the Sheen Gate run, which I did on February 27th 2016. The route takes you around the East part of Richmond Park and includes a mix of country paths and occasional hills.


There are options to run 5k (kicking off at 10am) or 10k (starting at 10:10am). I did the 10k with two mates and I am pleased to report we survived! This is my second time doing this particular race; the main difference from last time being the temperature (tip: get gloves if running in February!) Especially if you are getting to the race by train as the walk from the station is nearly 30 minutes from either Barnes or Moortlake. Nice walk though…

It is a well organised event with an efficient system for collecting race numbers (and plenty of spare clips for attaching them to your shirts) and barcode straps (to attach to shoes), as well as free storage and a large car park. The only let down is the lack of Porterloos – so make sure to get there early if you have a nervous bladder!

There was a good atmosphere and an eclectic mix of families, students, serious runners, seniors and lots of people who like to ‘do brunch’. The volunteers were all friendly and encouraging throughout the run (as were the locals taking their dogs for walks). At one point I saw a herd of deer…


The turnout was good: 283 did the 10k and 111 did the 5k. Maximum capacity is 500 in total. So it always felt busy during the race but there was never any point in which I was fighting for room.

Fun race, well enjoyed.


The next Run Richmond Park race at Sheen Gate takes place on 2nd April. 5ks cost £15.40 and 10ks cost £18.70 (inclusive of admin fee).

To find out more about other upcoming events and to find out about directions, routes and other race details visit the website.

Written by Gareth Brown @GarethBrown26

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