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Shorts so SHORT they are PANTS!!

I love short shorts

I have noticed recently, especially at festivals that its now in fashion to wear what I would call “batty riders” = very short shorts that go up the bum. Often teamed up with a crop top, so one can fully be on trend, we might as well be wearing our underwear.

I know in the UK we are accused of “getting excited” = “getting naked” when the sun comes out as we don’t get it often. But come on, I think some are overstepping the mark when your bum cheeks are of full view. Classy? Hell no! Many celebs are guilty of this but we don’t need to “follow fashion” be “trend setters” instead. It may sound very boring but I think this type of dressing invites crime. So lets be careful as women.
There is no positive reason for any womens shorts to be this short, you will get sexual male attention and that’s all. If this is what some women have to do to recieve male attention then that’s sad #rantover

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