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Spring Trends

THE spring/summer 2013 shows might be over, but they’ve left a whole lot of trends and fashion talking points behind – and come next year, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning your wardrobe.

Do you prefer pastels or neon’s? Will you go graphic in squares and plaid? Or will you dare to bare in the new cropped proportions? Before you make those all-important decisions, let me guide you through the season’s sartorial ways.

1. Bermuda shorts

Slouchy, cool girl shorts that were all over the New York runways. These are perfect for every girl who never ever felt like she couldn’t pull of those cheek baring shorts.

2. Black and White

I’m definitely going to be rocking this look this season, great for the office and great for a night out. The “new black” if you ask me.

3. Sheer pieces

With this trend, you will have no problem find outfits for dates and night outs. This trend will have you wearing some beautiful pieces with some daring cut-outs. Don’t worry, this trend caters to all and  has different levels of modesty.

4. Statement Glasses

If you want to change up your outfit this spring, you definitely need a pair of statement glasses. On the runaways,  I saw some beautiful over the top pairs. This is a trend that will not pass my by.

5. Bold stripes

Well I know some of us have our fears when we hear about stripes, but I’m here to say anyone can wear them but just depends on how you wear it. This season’s bold stripes can be worn in different ways. If worn with denim, they look American, worn with navy, you will look nautical. I’m going to be daring with this trend and wear it head to toe…

6. Luxe Leather

I can honestly put my hand up and say this is my favourite trend at the moment. I will wear anything leather, head to toe you name it…. Minimalistic shapes, rich colours and a no fuss approach to the hair, make up and accessories complete this look.

7. Beautiful beading

Last year I went through a phase where I became addicted to intricate beading and fabrics with embellishment. Any special occasion, I would use the opportunity to wear some of these things. These beautiful fabrics are from the influence of places like India, Middle East and Northern Africa. I’m ecstatic that this trend is in, let’s say I’m going fabric shopping for the best now……

8. Short suits

This is one trend that I’m definitely going to try myself, I’m not hundred per cent sold but I’m going to challenge myself. The good thing about the short suit is that it can be worn to work and even during the day. All the designers had this trend on the runaways. My challenge this month is to find one at a great price point and actually buy one. We shall see how it goes……..

9. Sporty Dresses

This trend reminds me of the dresses that the female tennis players wear, Sporty but sexy. I love this trend because these dresses go with wedges, even heels and for that relaxed look some cool canvas sneakers.

10. Flat and Low heels.

Even though this trend is the last, its high on my list being the shoe fanatic I am. This trend will take getting use to but I LOVE IT…. There will always be moments for 4 inch heels but these low heels are great during day and look gorgeous with some boyfriend jeans or Bermuda shorts.