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When it comes to fashion, we all have an individual that we admire their dress sense or even would like to dress like them. This person inspires you or influences the way you dress. They have timeless style and are unique. Over the past year, there is a certain lady who has caught my eye, everyone who knows me…know that I admire this person. From head to toe, her style is one of a kind, the colours and even the beautiful fabrics she wears. I know your all thinking…’who is it’, well its SOLANGE.

For the past year, it has become apparent that Solange is definitely the style icon of the year….
She is no more seen as Beyonce’s little sister but has been able to establish herself and is now showcasing herself as Solange Knowles, I believe that she has found herself. I love Beyonce to bits but to be honest I prefer Solange; her eclectic and afro centric style actually encouraged me to have my natural hair out from the beginning of the year. Her versatile and relaxed style is just stunning. I adore the way she is able to literally team anything together and it works. She has grown from someone who was a shadow to their sister to someone who sets trend and has a unique style. I can put my hands up and say, she is definitely MY STYLE ICON!!!!

Last year after Solange shaved off her hair and the media berated her. After which she posted on twitter; “I am the number 3 trending topic before Iran and some of you can’t even locate it on a map. I just wanted to be free from the bondage that black women sometimes put on themselves with hair. These days of my life, I want to spend the time, the energy and the money on something else, not in the hair salon. ONLY reason I responded to this is because I was disappointed to see my name more talked about than the Iran Elections.

Solange Knowles has always been overshadowed by her sister’s star-power, but now we are focusing the spotlight on Beyonce‘s stunning sister who has totally stunned us with her ravishing red carpet gowns! Solange is known for taking fashion risks, and looking fabulous while doing so

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