Sweaters and Logos

I make it one of my daily tasks to check up on fashion trends online, in store and in magazines. It’s fair to say men’s fashion has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the strength of effective product placement, social media and strong marketing.

One of the more current trends that is sure to see you through to next season is the logo/graphic sweaters found both on the high-street and in the higher end stores.

My favourite logo sweater of now is the Kenzo Paris Tiger face which is pretty much sold out EVERYWHERE! Don’t let this tarnish your hopes of getting your hands on one as most stores such as Liberty, Selfridge’s and Harvey Nichols have all setup waiting lists for when the next batch to be delivered drop in store.

KENZO – £155


As you may have seen recently in the news Beyonce instagram’d a picture wearing the slogan ‘Can I Live?” on the front of a sweater in reply to the Lip-syncing comments she received about her presidential inauguration performance. The sweatshirt she was wearing was in fact a piece from B-Side by British designer Wale Adeyemi. You can get hold of one these sweaters on the B-side website I’d say grab one while you can because they are guaranteed to sell out like yesterday!


B-side – £65

Supremebeing is a lifestyle brand that has been around for some time now, building up a relationship with some of the key outlets including Topman, Urban Outfitters and ASOS who all stock various items from their collection. The concept behind this sweater is a no brainer however the blown up squirrel image and yellow base colour work well, creating an effective and recognisable design.

Supremebeing – £55