Try Link Nutrition for food-based nutrient supplements 

Link Nutrition is not like other food supplement brands: the company have created a selection of food based blends, which are natural, sourced from real foods and free of all the unnecessary additives that other products on the market are chock-full of. All ingredients in Link Nutrition products are sourced from the most reputable supplies and always non-GMO.

The first in Link Nutrition’s line of food based supplements is Mushroom Plus, made with turmeric, lion’s mane mushroom and cordyceps mushroom, created to support your immune system, as well as boosting your energy and cognition. Then, there’s Energy + CoQ10, a blend of B and C vitamins, Siberian ginseng and cordyceps mushrooms, which brings you energy and productivity throughout the day. Next is Symbiotic 7, which contains both prebiotics and probiotics to maintain the health of your gut and protect your digestion. Last but not least is the Night blend, whose main ingredient is magnesium and which, true to its name, helps you enjoy a proper night’s sleep.

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