Want to be a Millionaire


Do you want to be among the social elite? Want to be kept in the loop of exclusive new bars and offers around London? Look no further because I’ve stumbled across an exclusive new app for iPhone users that will be sure to impress.

I first stumbled across this and thought it was a joke. The iVip Black iPhone application sold through App Store retails at £699.99. Astonished as much as you are, I clicked onto it to read up about this and see how an app could cost more than my iPhone itself.

iVip which is also known as ‘The Millionaires App’ it is a premium lifestyle and networking application designed for the prestigious offering up to date information on restaurants, bars, and events which are on the hush-hush for the general public. iVip also creates packages and offers for exclusive holidays, flights, and even allows you to rent a private islands which is part of the impressive concierge service (exclusive to iVip Black clients only)

I’m an average Joe myself so I’m sure I wont be booking a private trip to Necker Island anytime soon but the convenience of having information about exclusive bars such as The Roof Top Gardens in Kensington and invitations for selected Gordon Ramsey restaurants is pretty cool. These offers are also available on the diluted versions which I encourage you to look up.

As expected, the higher priced packages offer a lot more, however fundamentally they all serve the same purpose so get iVip’ing asap!

iVip Packages:

iVip Black:      £699.99

iVip Blue:         £324.99

iVip Red:          Free

iVip London:    £124.99

iVip NYC:         £124.99

iVip Nightlife:   Free

iVip Destination:Free