Cinnamon Bazaar: Review

Cinnamon Bazzar

Cinnamon Baazar in Covent Garden has recently revamped the idea of the standard afternoon tea and launched their own ‘Trader’s High Tea’, focused around the famous street food Chaat one of India’s most-revered snacks it has made tea a total game changer. Chaat consists of small bowls filled with a mix of tangy sauces, sweet chutneys and fresh veggies and spices.

The Traders High tea can be enjoyed between 3pm-5.30pm daily and it’s the perfect way to relax with friends, especially with a glass of the infamous Cinnamon Bellini. The tea costs £30 for two people and £40 if the Bellini’s are part of your meal. Tuck into samosa Chaat with Punjabi vegetables, curried white peas and tangy tamarind chutney; and Aloo Tikki Chaat with spiced potato cake, curried white peas and chickpea sev. The tea is phenomenal and the first time we have ever left an afternoon tea bursting at the seams, my favourite dish was by far the Aloo Tiki Chaat, which is a hot Chaat spiced potato cake with curried white peas and chickpea sev. It was full of so much flavour and complimented my non-alcoholic cocktail perfectly. I did not love the Bhangra lamb slider, which is a form of lamb burger, the flavours were great I am just a little weird about textures and the burger was slightly softer than I would have liked. I would still say try it, everyone else finished theirs off, my texture phobias are slightly strange.

Traders High Tea

We also got to enjoy and unwind with a pot of Indian Masala Chai, which is an amazing blend of spices such as cinnamon ad ginger, it was lush! Also part of the tea is an array of sweet treats such as carrot halwa roll and dark chocolate and walnut cake. The carrot halwa roll ended up being my favourite, once I got my head around the fact that I was eating shredded carrot in what looked like spring roll casing. It was lovely!

Afternoon Tea will never be the same and I totally recommend getting down there! The venue is really chilled and everyone who works there is amazing, attentive and really friendly, this coupled with a great menu and drinks made for an amazing Monday afternoon.



Cinnamon Bazaar 28 Maiden Lane London WC2E 7JS



020 7395 1400