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    The Reverend JW Simpson – Spirited Sermons

    The Reverend JW Simpson is hosting a number of masterclasses focusing on Summery drinks taken from traditional recipes that contain unusual ingredients. From May up until September Reverend JW Simpson will be preaching about Summer Brandies, Aperitifs, Jenever and Aromatised wines. Created by the people behind Bourne and Hollingsworth, The Reverend is perfect for an interactive kind of evening, the masterclasses will be taking place once a month on a Wednesday, with the first about Aperitifs on Wednesday 7th May 2014. Address: 32 Goodge Street, W1T 2QJ TIme: 6.30 – 8pm Tickets: £25 plus 3 tasting cocktails @Rev_JW, Website 

  • Arts

    High Society: Marion

    Part one can be read here Marion- Part Two             …The door slammed shut behind her. She stood still while her eyes adjusted, the dimness making it nearly impossible to understand the room. She coughed a little from the hazy smoke and could tell she was standing in a big space – really big.             She looked up. Skylights high above were weakly illuminated by a waning moon.             “Follow me,” the voice said. The sound of loafers shuffling against concrete led her forward, through rows of tall shelving. Her eyes were more adjusted now, and she could make out…

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    Fika Cafe – Brick Lanes Swedish Secret

    Brick lane. Home of the infamous curry, nifty thrift shop and eclectic Truman brewery. Kooky, feisty and innovative. But this is just the tip of this East London iceberg. If you take the time to a wander a little further up the street you’ll reach 161 brick lane and find Fika, a cool little Swedish cafe with sass. Fika isn’t daunted by its famous neighbours the nutty @bricklanecoffee and Beigel Bake which apparently house the best bagels in London, it holds it’s own and retains a unique style. Doors always open, Fika’s cool modern vibe is instantly apparent with walls…

  • Business

    How to improve your personal impact in a professional setting

    Maya Angelou famously stated, “People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel”. Impressions are made within seconds, and it is very difficult to change how others feel about you once an impression has been made. Your personal impact may make the difference between making a sale or not, getting your dream job or not, or how your colleagues perceive you. This article aims to give you practical tips on how to make an impact in a professional setting, with emphasis on the impression you make on…

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    The Clink Charity – The Missing Link in the Penitentiary System

    In the UK 49.6% of criminals reoffend within the 1st year of release from prison, this increases to 75% within the first 5 years. There is obviously one resounding flaw in our penitentiary system, the lack of re-education and rehabilitation for the inmates. How are they supposed to integrate back into society when for the last X years they have received no training or education? So in 2009, Chef Alberto Crisci formulated a plan to remedy, and the first Clink Restaurant was born. He began by collaborating with Peter Dawson, Governor of HMP High Down (2007-2012), and founder trustee Kevin…