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Welcome to ONIN London, we are quite simply a collection of bloggers who love the city we live, work and play in. Follow us as we say what we want and share our favourite places in London. Our motto is “Real Lives, Real People, Real London”. We also have an escape section for those times we need to escape the city and explore everything this world has to offer.

We love interacting with our readers so please comment, like us on facebook or tweet about us on Twitter, our promise is that you will always get a response from us.

Just some technical stuff… The top menu is our ONIN Recommends section, this is where each of us put up our favourite events, places to visit, places to shop etc each week. If you are bored and want something to do one week, simply find the topic area you like such as Food and then see what we recommend.

We are not the only Londoners out there! It’s a huge city, so if you have any recommendations such as your favourite places to visit or even if you want to write a review about somewhere that you visited, send us an email and let’s see if we can publish it.

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