Hard Seltzers Round Up

There has been an increase in the popularity of Hard Seltzers and Alcoholic Sodas in the UK so we thought it was the perfect chance to let you know some of our favourites!


Whisp – a brand-new refreshing and 100% British hard seltzer (aka alcoholic sparkling water). Designed for those looking for the perfect balance between health and enjoyment – up for the hang out, not the hangover – Whisp drinks are made from naturally and sustainably sourced British ingredients and are 100% vegan and gluten-free, with no added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives, making them the ideal choice for those looking to drink less and better. With less than 66 calories per can and low alcohol content (4%), Whisp drinks even contain added milk thistle – the detox hero (hurrah!) – helping to tackle inflammation and supporting a healthy liver.

Available in two refreshing flavours, Whisp Cucumber & Mint combines fresh cucumber and cooling mint in a mouth-watering match – crisp, refreshing and virtuous enough that there is no need to stop after one! With juicy raspberries and hand-picked elderflower, Whisp Raspberry & Elderflower is delightfully and delicately fruity – perfectly balanced to whisp you away!

(RRP £2.50 each / four for £10).

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Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay’s hard seltzers are created with ‘healthy hedonism’ in mind and inspired by the belief that drinking alcohol and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can co-exist. The best way to kick off 2021! The hard seltzers come in three delicious flavours: Cherry with Mango & Goji Berry, Elderflower with Lemon and Apple with Ginger & Açai. Prices start at £24 for a case of 12.

Slingsby Spritz

At only 70-calories per can, Slingsby Spritz is the lighter way to enjoy your favourite tipple. The gluten-free and vegan friendly drinks come in the following flavours: Rhubarb & Strawberry, Marmalade & Apricot and Damson & Blackberry – low cal, light weight and minimal prep, we’ll take a whole case please! Slingsby Spritz has a slightly lower alcohol content too at 5% ABV, so perfect for those who have started 2021 with a more mindful approach to drinking. For a pack of 3, it’s only £7.50.

Long Shot

Founded by Hugo & George in early 2020, Long Shot is one of the first Great British brands to take the sector (which is mostly dominated by American transplants) by storm, culminating in a crisp, flavoursome, and home-grown hard seltzer. In fact, nearly all of Long Shot???s ingredients are sourced from within 20 miles of their Herefordshire manufacturer. And because they are made with real fruit juice, they come out the colour of the fruits. Keeping it local and fresh! The flavours include Grapefruit, Raspberry & Blackcurrant and Strawberry & Rhubarb.

Long Shot is a sessionable 4% ABV, Gluten Free, suitable for vegans, low sugar, less than 70 calories per can, and keto friendly.

A mixed 12 pack costs  £28.50

Clean & Press

Leading the wave of hard seltzers hitting the UK, Clean & Press are a range of brand new, low calorie, hard seltzers spiked with single malt craft vodka and punchy natural fruit flavours, fresh from the BrewDog Distillery Co. in Aberdeen. Available in three flavours: Cactus & Lime, Crushed Black Cherry and White Peach & Mango. 5% abv, 90 calories, zero carbs and zero sugar.

RRP £2.50 for a 300 ml can

Clean & Press are available to buy direct from in packs of 6 or 12 cans and Tesco online.

Two Days

Two Days is a range of light and sessionable Vodka Sodas, inspired by ethos of enjoying drinks today, and still making the most of tomorrow. Crafted with a single-measure of five-times distilled British vodka, lightly sparkling water and a squeeze of fruit extract that delivers a crisp and refreshing serve. Two Days is gluten-free, vegan and keto friendly, as well as having zero sugars or sweeteners.

RRP from £2.50 per can | at Whole Foods Market

RRP from £12.00 per case 3% ABV|

High Water

Inspired and passionate about the water’s edge and Great British Outdoors, making it the perfect hard seltzer to accompany you across waterside locations, and the perfect drink in hand for upcoming staycations. Made in the UK with only the finest natural flavours, triple distilled Vodka and Cotswolds spring water, High Water is a gently effervescent hard seltzer with an emphasis on great flavour. Under 100 calories per can, all natural ingredients and no artificial nasties, it is designed for those who want to get the most out of life. With a percentage of all profits going to charities that look after the oceans we love.

RRP £2.50 per 250ml can 5% ABV

Naughty Water Hard Seltzers

Naughty Water hard seltzers come in three captivating flavours. Sparkling Cranberry sings with crisp, tart and sweet cranberry flavour, fresh, clean seltzer and vodka (5% ABV). Sparkling Mango & Passionfruit adds uplifting tropical sunshine to effervescent seltzer and vodka (5% ABV). Sparkling Blood Orange goes down like a Miami sunset with rich, tangy citrus notes riding above cool, refreshing seltzer and premium vodka (5% ABV). Each flavour evokes good times and good living, and all 3 are enhanced by an image that conjures the golden age of vintage travel and adventure.

Naughty Water Hard Seltzers are available through Amazon and online partners   Prices start at £8.99 for a pack of 4.

Interested to know more about Naughty Water?
Visit Website: Instagram: naughtywaterseltzer

And for those who don’t want to drink alcohol, there’s Feel Good Drinks, a range of 100% natural, great tasting, fruitful sparkling waters with a sustainable and purpose-led ethos. Inspired by the feel -good moments in life, Feel Good Drinks is on a mission to make the world a better place and has created a fund to support social and environmental initiatives. Made from a blend of fruit and sparkling water, the range has no artificial flavours, added sugar or sweeteners and contains 15% juice content, just enough for that burst of flavour. The refreshing drinks come in three uplifting flavours; Peach & Passionfruit, Rhubarb & Apple and Raspberry & Hibiscus, all contain less than 27 calories per 330ml can in plastic free packaging and are suitable for vegans. 

Feel Good Drinks are available to purchase from Ocado, Booths, WHSmith Travel and via feelgooddrinks.comRRP £1.19 per 330ml can. @feelgooddrinks