Late Nigh Special Feature: Labyrinth Review

“Will you help #SaveSarah from losing herself in this topsy-turvy domain where nothing is what it seems, or will you fight for the #GoblinArmy and aid Jareth in keeping her trapped in his kingdom forever? Toby’s fate rests in your hands, so pick your side and prepare to play for keeps! It’s time to indulge in the voodoo and hoodoo, to encounter Fireys, find giant furry friends, make an entrance at the Masked Ball, dip a toe in the Bog of Eternal Stench… or just come inside and have a nice cup of tea”.

Late Night Special Feature creates part parties/ part immersive theatre experiences that put the audience right in the middle of their favourite films. This weekend, their latest show was The Labyrinth. Getting off to a late start due to some of the shows finishing a little later than initially predicted. There was also little direction from staff on what to do and where to go, but that didn’t matter – we were there to party. Dancing near the stage with other party goers, all dressed in their finest goblin and Labyrinth themed costumes was so much fun. The DJ played an energetic mix of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s nostalgic hits and had us feeling footloose and fancy free.

In between the music sets, a live band performed along side live scenes from The Labyrinth. The six iconic acts included Take Me From This Awful Place, Jareth’s Arrival, Saving Ludo, Fireys, The Bog Of Eternal Stench and the The Goblin Ball. They were spread out through out the night and involved circus acts, live music, shadow puppets and more. Plus it wouldn’t be The Labyrinth without a rendition of ‘Dance Magic Dance’. From start to finish, the entire vibe from the crowd and the actors involved was electric. We even became part of the show on the search for magic crystals from Sir Didymus to give to Hoggle.

This is definitely more of a party than immersive theatre, but it works and we had fun dancing until the early hours of the morning. We did leave a little tired though, thinking that instead of the fun being spread over four hours… it would have been better to have the show over the first two. Especially as doors didn’t open until after 10.30pm.

Overall ‘through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered we fought our way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to took back the child you have stolen, for our will was strong as the goblin king’s and our kingdom as great’. Shouting as we left ‘you have no power over me!’.

We look forward to seeing what Late Night Special Feature put on show next! So keep an eye on their site to find out dates for their next performances.

Address:The Vaults

Launcelot Street London SE1 7AD · London

Written by Tegan LeBon

Photo from Late Night Special Feature.