Tequila Beyond Sunrise Review

I first met Jesse Estes in 2016 at a Tequila Fest Press Preview. He is an agave spirits expert and an award-winning bartender who has worked around the world and in London establishments such as The Lonsdale, Callooh Callay and The Luggage Room. Jesse knows his drinks and I can credit him with re-introducing me to the world of tequila. I now know it’s not a drink to be scared of.

In 2013, Jesse was named one of London’s Best Bartenders by the Huffington Post and is currently the Global Brand Ambassador for Tequila Ocho, and can be found leading masterclasses on tequila and other agave spirits across the world.

Tequila Beyond Sunrise contains 40 delicious and easy to make Cocktails. We love the bright colours in the photography by Alex Luck and were instantly intrigued to start drinking our way through the book. Unfortunately we didn’t have Jesse’s chose brand of tequila Ocho, but we made do with Casamigos Tequila instead.

While we couldn’t make it through the whole book in one setting (not for lack of trying). The top three cocktails we tried were a flavoursome start to our journey from thinking of tequila not as a shooter but as a cocktail ingredient. Starting with a Tommy’s Margarita, this drink created in the 80’s is a classic for a reason. We ended with a Paloma and a Mezcal Mule. Thankfully we had a bottle of Mezcal (tequilas smoky cousin) hidden in the back of my liquor cabinet or else we wouldn’t have gotten to try this delicious concoction.

Tequila Beyond Sunrise by Jesse Estes is Published by Ryland Peters & Small and is now available for only £7.99.


Written By Tegan

Photos: © Ryland Peters & Small. Photography by Alex Luck.