The Cambridge Distillery

On the 24th of March, we ventured up to Cambridge to help The Cambridge Distillery celebrate their 6th birthday. This event coincided with the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race as they launched on the 7th of April 2012 after years of creating bespoke gins for friends and family.

The Cambridge Distillery is an artisanal gin tailoring distillery and William and Lucy created it due to the understanding that each individual is unique, with different gin palate preferences. In between boat races and delicious gin and tonics, we were treated to a distillery tour. Here we learnt more about the products and how they create their gins.

The gin botanicals in all their products are foraged during William and Lucy’s endless seasonal walks with the company’s mascot and third founder Darcy (the Distillery Dog) and are reflective of the local area and seasons.

William spoke to us about how The Cambridge Distillery has revolutionised the gin industry with its quest to find ways to extract gin botanicals. They have created a method using a vacuum and this understanding of the interaction of pressure and temperature allows each botanical to be extracted at their optimal temperature. With this technique they have created ‘Cambridge Dry Gin’, ‘Cambridge Seasonal Gin’, ‘Japanese Gin’, ‘Truffle Gin’, ‘Anty Gin’, and ‘Watenshi’. Prices range from £45 to £2000 a bottle. We loved the 2017 Cambridge Spring/Summer Gin and the Truffle Gin so much, we couldn’t resist taking a bottle home with us for the night.

The Cambridge Distillery’s gin have won every competitionhey have entered and they are the  “World’s First Gin Tailor”. For £400, the service invites gin aficionados to work directly with the Master Distiller William Lowe in a two-hour immersive and interactive session to create a one-of-a-kind gin expertly distilled and perfectly blended to reflect your tastes. You are allowed to take home a bottle and the recipe, with the option to buy 60 bottles. This technique has been used to create gins for world famous institutions such as the House of Lords and British Airways Concorde Lounge.

Why not check out the Cambridge Distillery, next time you visit Cambridge. It’s a lovely venue where you can pop in for Gin Tastings or just a Gin & Tonic. You won’t be disappointed.