1.2.3 Pony Wagon & Gloomy Pirate Playmobil Review

A little while ago we or the children we’re picked to become Playmobil Playologist’s and that is very very handy as the girls love Playmobil and we love them playing with it. It seems to be one of only range of toys that young and old can play with together without too much trouble. So this is our first Playmobil toy review.

The first item that was sent to us was aimed at Mia and was the 1.2.3 Pony WagonPlaymobil1-234x300

This 1.2.3 play set is aimed at young children aimed at 18 months plus and unlike a lot of the other sets comes with no sharp edges and no small parts. The set it’s self consists of the horse, the person, the wagon and the harness to attach the horse to the wagon.

Mia has always had Aly’s old Playmobil so it’s nice for her to actually have her own toys and for the past week the pony has visited all sorts of wonderful places such as the sandpit, the vegetable patch and the bath and it is so far withstanding all Mia can throw at it.

The 1.2.3 Pony Wagon is available from Playmobil UK for £7.99

While Mia got the Wagon Aly received the Gloomy Pirate with Treasure Chest which pleased her no end as her favourite things at the moment involve pirates. For Christmas one of her presents was the Pirate Carry Case which she hasn’t stopped playing with.


The Gloomy Pirate is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old. The set comes with lots of added accessories including a monkey, sword and treasure chest with lots of gold coins. A lot of the accessories are small so just be careful. This could easily be played with on its own or like Aly does in with her other pirate pieces or as sometimes been the case he has been caught riding around in one of the Playmobil cars being driven by Santa Claus.

The Gloomy Pirate with Treasure Chest is available from Playmobil UK for £2.99

We were sent this items as part of our Playmobil Playologist role, all views and opinions are our own.