A day in the life of Carolyn Owlett

Carolyn Howlett

Carolyn Owlett has achieved what many people under thirty only dream of. She has been part of a girl band (The 411), dabbled in presenting (“Sexy girls have it easy”) & modelling, managed broadcast production for ITV and now has set up her own company CleanFeed Media alongside co-founders Adam Bruh and David Brain.

To sum it up Cleanfeed Media provide radio, video and broadcast solutions for those wishing to seek their expertise. As a predominantly white label company CleanFeed specialise in subtle advertisement, however there is nothing subtle about their cliental base. Working with some big names across a number of industries including music , the young and dynamic team are leaving quite an impression and believe increasing their share in high quality video content is where their futures lie.

One thing that really sets the team apart from their competition is their will to adapt and thirst for growth, however getting to where they are now hasn’t been easy. The company began life accidently in Carolyn’s flat where the guys strove for bigger and better things, which led to them spending some time residing in the creative Shoreditch House before setting up shop on Kingsland Road.

But by the time I popped in they all looked pretty chilled, greeted by a warm Carolyn I was shown upstairs where I met the team; co-founder and main account manager Adam, graduate Nikki and new addition Sally all welcomed me with open arms. Oh and so did the friendly office pug.

So we sat down with a cup of tea and went through a day in the life of Carolyn Owlett.

5.15am: One of Carolyn’s young sons has decided 5.15 is the new 7am, its wake-up time in the Owlett household.

8am: Off to school with the terrible twosome one perk of owning your own company is the jammy flexible hours.

8.30am: Into the office, cup of bizarre fruit tea. To do list:

– Emails from yesterday

– A sneak peak at the news and radio, in this industry you have to keep up to date on events

9am: The rest of the team join Carolyn, where a sale/production meeting is set up to make sure everyone is up to date on the others progress.

Each day is different, tasks can range from scouting out new clients and following up current ones, to sourcing a celebrity for an event or filming a client for an online video. Luckily due to the industries creative nature the guys have a chance to venture out of the office quite often.

3pm: Off to pick up the boys, unfortunately many client briefs come in around this time meaning on the go email inspection is a necessity! (pitfall of the job). However for self-confessed fitness freak Carolyn this early finish provides a chance to slot in a dancing class or two, which have replaced the earlier career partying now she has her family to care for.

So I had to know, why has Carolyn pursued this career? What made broadcasting consultancy appealing?

“Although working with clients and PR companies in parallel can be challenging, the number of cool people I get to meet outweighs this negative. We get invited to some really great events (more would always be welcome) and as it’s my own company I know how I want it to be run and how I want people to feel working here”

I have to say she seems to have got it right, the staff are jolly and the company is flourishing!

For all your broadcasting needs contact:

[email protected]

CleanFeed Media Ltd

Unit 13
Shoreditch Stables
138 Kingsland Road
E2 8DY

t. +44 (0)20 7193 8435+44 (0)20 7193 8435

Lucky for us as well as being a respected businesswoman Carolyn is first and foremost a young Londoner and has told us a few of her top London hangouts!

Market Bar – – When looking for a cracking night out Carloyn heads here, loved for its “classy shabby chic” feel.

ShutterBug – @ShutterbugLDN – – Lunch, cocktails and pancakes. Sounds like a winning combo to me!

Street Feast – @StreetFeastLDN – – We all know how great the Street Feast is. I literally took everyone here last summer, a great place for young and old alike! Check out #HawkerHouse which is running at the moment.

Shoreditch House – – You have to have a creative soul to be a member hear, for all you freelance free spirits out there!

Victoria Park – – Instead of taking a chill pill, mosey on down to Victoria Park.

Reporter Aspen Glencross