BLOCKHEAD ENERGY Gum Will Have You Energised This Bank Holiday

The last summer Bank Holiday is about to kick off – what are your plans? Hitting the Notting Hill Festival? Going abroad? Having a staycation?

Whatever your plans are, make sure you have with you the BLOCKHEAD ENERGY Gum – it’s one of the team’s favourite products, a peppermint chewing gum with fast acting caffeine, for an immediate boost to really get the best out of this Bank Holiday.

BLOCKHEAD ( is the UK’s leading functional confectionery brand for people on the go. Designed with convenience in mind, all the products in the range are available in a practical on the go format. The re-sealable pouches are also water-resistant, so they are perfect for people on the go.

Rapidly absorbed after five minutes of chewing, each gum and sweet is designed for a specific purpose. In addition to our favourite ENERGY GUM, they also have WHITE Gum, CBD Gum, VITAMIN Gum and PERFORMANCE SWEETS + – literally a product for every need.

Are you ready for this Bank Holiday weekend? We are!