Bobo Social

I do love a good burger, anytime I catch wind of a burger bar opening I’m like a meerkat catching wind of jackal! The new kid on the block is Bobo Social on Charlotte Street, so I had to check it out.

But this restaurant isn’t your conventional burger shack. It’s an upmarket, unusual meat extraordinaire!

So we entered the illuminated, clean white interior of Bobos and were directed downstairs into a sort of den. All the tables were rubbed down wood, and everything was rather smart. It really made the place feel classy.

image (49)

So we opted for fillet steak strips and spring green toast to start. The boys started to moan about the pinkness of the steak, then literally ate their words as they tucked in. It was divinely tender. The toasts were really summery and light!

image (44)

Burger wise one chap insisted on the peanut butter beastie and I happily obliged, I could eat that stuff by the pot! And for our veggie friend we opted for the mushroom and truffle. Not wanting to miss the unusual meat band wagon, we also chose Davo’s kangaroo ‘Kango Mango’ which was the evenings experimental burger.

image (47)

Both patties were cooking amazingly, crispy on the outside, pink and tender on the inside. The meat seemed really good quality and the sweet buns complimented it well with a lovely added touch of the Bodo ‘B’ stamped ontop.

The standout winner was the kangaroo burger. It has this amazing mango and pineapple salsa which was awesome, however although the veggie option was nice we weren’t blown away. The patty lacked depth of flavour, and wasn’t our fave. Overall we all agreed the guys need to quit making their experimental burger an experiment (as my friend said), and make it a permanent addition to their menu! Oh and their chilli chocolate bacon was AWESOME! I definitely ate more than my fair share……..

image (45)

To top it off we ended with a salted caramel mouse and white chocolate, lemon and ginger cheesecake. Oh what a choice it was. Present in little jam jars, we tucked into the gorgeous delights and never looked back. The mouse was rich and quite hearty for a mouse, which was ace. The salt just added a lovely savoury twist. The cheesecake base was a deep gingernutty flavour, with lashings of chocolate and topped white chocolate curls. It was refreshing for a burger bar to have such great desserts.

image (42)

Oh and we sampled the Rhubarb & Custard and Death By Chocolate Martini cocktails, both like puddings that pack a punch!!

image (43)

So head to Bobos with its beautiful interior, jolly staff and unusual succulent patties if you fancy impressing your friends or wow-ing your enemies.

Bobo Social
95 Charlotte Street

[email protected]