Bombay Sapphire Presents ‘Saw This Made This- Art Bites’

We’re back at the latest event of the ‘Saw This, Made This’ campaign. Gin brand Bombay Sapphire has continued its global campaign inviting people to see the beauty and creativity in the world around them. This time Bombay Sapphire partnered with six bars to create six gin-infused artistic jelly cubes paired with a bespoke cocktail.

Each head bartender took a photograph that inspired them, the artwork of the jelly was made, then each bar created their bespoke cocktails, before it was back to the jelly to match the flavouring to the cocktail. There are four London bars participating, along with one in Manchester and one in Edinburgh. The bars include: Blue Bar at The Berkeley, Ester, The Bar Below at Hide,  Sager + Wilde Paradise Row (all London based), The Exhibition (Manchester) and Hey Palu in Edinburgh (Scotland). We saw all six of the fabulous designs and everyone felt bad about ruining the edible artwork. No having had jelly in years made me remember childhood memories, and when chatting to the organisers they explained they wanted people to reminisce and connect over art.

Given its location, it’s no surprise The Bar Below  used the beauty and warmth of the  autumn leaves in Green Park as the seasons change to create The Other Side. This is comprised of Bombay Sapphire, Riesling, sorrel juice, sugar and egg white. The jelly features the detail of autumn leaves and has apple, sorrel and lemon. We are told to have a sip of the cocktail, then some jelly to really enhance the flavours. This twist on a sour, took a few sips to get into but ended up being my favourite of the night.

Hopping next to Hyde Park, the graceful white swans in the Serpentine led to the Blue Bar Berkeley making The Hyde Orchard. Bombay Sapphire, Blue Bar Orchard Eau De Vie, distilled lemon balm and double green apple cordial. The cocktail and edible art really do remind you of the rippling water and the intricate feather detail is amazing. This was a smooth drink.

‘I’m Only Happy When It Rains’, available at Ester in Camden, is inspired by the pink and orange overhead umbrellas in Camden Market and as such it’s cocktail is a twist on the marrini inspired by wet and rainy Camden with orange and lemon discs for garnish. Celebrating the stunning blooms and foliage found in Columbia Road flower market, the aptly named ‘Columbia Road’ is a floral masterpiece and its white negroni has a flower twist. Moving away from London we have Studio Cosmo’ which reflects the intricate brickwork in Manchester and is complimented  by the bittersweet flavours of fennel and strawberry.  The National Monument of Scotland and the lush green of Carlton Hill inspired ‘Above The Clouds’, with the green jelly featuring the iconic column. Light  notes of stone fruits are in the cocktail.

Saw This Made This – Art Bites’ are available from Monday 6th – Thursday 30th November 2023 at the participating six bars.



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Written by Caitlin Neal