OIL Interviews Rosie Skuse, CEO and Founder of Molto Music Group

Tell us more about the kind of work that Molto Music does.

Molto Music works directly with some of the world’s most prestigious hospitality brands. We curate bespoke live entertainment and programming for luxury hotels, members’ clubs, restaurants, and bars in London, including, The Savoy Hotel, The Dorchester, The Ned and The Londoner Hotel. 

We also meet the live music needs of exclusive events, celebrity parties and some of the biggest global brands such as BAFTA, Aston Martin, Hermes, Clarins and American Express.

We have also been the creative lead for projects such as the release of Ed Sheeran and Devlin’s new track, worked with brands such as Dr. Martens to create a content series and work hand in hand with SBTV. 

We have brand deals with some of the world’s largest music companies including D&B Audio, Yamaha Music and Pioneer DJ to facilitate the production of our stages across London. 

What would be your dream contract to win?

Our dreams are very quickly becoming a reality here at Molto Music, having just won a contract with Wembley Stadium – curating the entertainment for all their hospitality areas – something we worked very hard for and are very proud of.

I think our next big dream would be to expand into the international market – we have curated for venues in Dubai and will be opening an office in Los Angeles.Then we have a long list of other international locations that hopefully will be coming very soon.  

Was it tough to break into such a competitive industry?

Molto Music has been a big disruptor in the hospitality space. Initially, some clients were hesitant to change what had been the norm with their entertainment for many years. However, we knew that these clients weren’t harnessing the full potential of their entertainment offerings and that we could make a lasting impact for both food and beverage clients and guests. Our boldness, perseverance, and belief in our vision enabled us to quickly show clients the benefit of the Molto offering. 

Have you faced any big obstacles in the building of Molto Music?

We have faced lots of challenges along the way however all of them have been great learning experiences for us. I think a big obstacle has been the gender imbalance in the professional music space. One of our primary aims is to push for fairer representation, diversity, and inclusion within the industry. This is difficult to achieve with fewer females receiving professional training within this industry, but we will continue to strive for equal representation in our venues and roster.

What’s important to you in your role as CEO?

It is important for me as a leader of Molto Music alongside my business partner Nicky Caulfield to ensure we are constantly updating and refining our business vision. I never want Molto Music to become stagnant. Innovation is at the core of what we do, especially in such a fast-paced industry, and being a bold female CEO is also key to how we operate. Additionally, in my role as CEO, I need to continue ‘practicing’ – I value knowing both our musicians and our clients and being hands-on in the office.

What’s next for Molto Music?

We are passionate about providing regular, stable, and well-paid work to world-class musicians, however, we are also fervent about providing a platform to showcase emerging artists.

We are pleased to be expanding Molto Music Group to include a more creative, events-based branch that will focus on championing emerging artists and providing new opportunities within the music industry. We plan to develop artist programmes with london school to nurture and introduce the next generation of talent onto our stages.