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Cabaret Returns To London This Autumn

01EB50C9-4A1E-4DAD-B789-036E903CB7C9What: a down and dirty jazz cabaret in the theatre of a French brasserie

When: Reviewed 13/9/2017, preview for 11/10/2017

Standing room only for this energetic and playful addition to the London cabaret scene. This month’s offer includes: Good Ness Gracious international burlesque artist, drag king and clown, known for her inherently likeable characters, general silliness and a lot of fun audience participation.

Neil Kelso comic magician specialising in psychological trickery, memory feats, and fun twists on the classics. Invariably has the crowd eating out of his hand within minutes Velvet Jones highly acclaimed burlesque artist with credits at the Cocoa Butter Club, Wild Vixen and HER Pride Party Bambi Bang Bang burlesque amazon, with a singing and comedy twist

Compare for the evening, the cheekily funny and charismatic Valerie Savage warmed up the crowd with an unconventional rundown of burlesque and cabaret etiquette (hint: no one likes a quiet crowd- you’ll enjoy yourself more if you laugh out loud and cheer when someone does something you like). Valerie did some comic jazz numbers that she played for laughs, which the crowd loved.

Last month’s rundown included: That Naked Guy: put his West End musical experience and unfeasible number of abdominal muscles to good use in a knowing and slick sing and strip number, with classic cabaret patter. Wait for the reveal!

Felicity Furore: Danced like fire on water. Felicity Furore dominated the space with a definitive femme fatale presence and skilful, well-choreographed moves pulled off with confidence and panache.

Dolly Trolly: Exploded onto the London drag scene less than half a year ago and has been having us in stitches ever since. Blending ballet with hip-hop, jazz, and a slinky kitty costume, Dolly used her immaculate comic timing and comprehensive knowledge of cat memes to great effect in a high-energy dance and lip-sync act.

Vesper Fontaine: specialises in classic, slow, elegant burlesque with bluesy singing. For Savage and Son’s she nailed ‘Cry Me a River’ with a relaxed and deliberate strip with the occasional wry comic sting in the tail Trash Valentine: is London’s Las Vegas style show-boy and had the crowd roaring with his ‘oldest show-girl in the world’ act. The result was the irrepressible love-child of Dita Von Teese and Big Bird. Pi the mime: closed the evening to uproarious applause with their classic drunk burlesque artist act. With style, precision and a lot of flair, Pi parodied the most common elements of classic burlesque routines while making multiple trips to an invisible bar Savage and Sons is an excellent addition to the scene and definitely improved my week!



Toulouse Lautrec Venue
14 Newington Butts
SE11 4RN



Written by: Roman Ackley

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