Canvino Review

Canned wine is becoming all the rage this year. It really does make transporting wine for picnics and bbqs so much easier. They also have the added bonus of keeping your sparkling wine fizzier and cooler for longer.

Here’s we’re Canvino comes in. The brand launched this July at festivals and comes in two delicious flavours, Rosé and Bianco. Costing only £3 a can, they’re a real bargain.

Bianco – a lightly sparkling, crisp and dry white wine, which is full-bodied and easy to drink. Although dry or ‘Secco’ in style, it is fruity and fresh with light floral notes. This was my favourite out of the two flavours and my friends who shared some with me, also much preferred this to the prosecco from the bottle they were drinking.

The Rosé is a medium-dry, lightly sparkling Rosé with well-balanced fruit notes. My friend found this one a tad too dry but I enjoyed it.

The wine is made in the beautiful Italian region of Lombardy with the Canvino grapes being sourced from a family- owned vineyard that has been making wine for a century using the traditional Charmat method.

Marc Laventure, Co-Founder of at Canvino, said; “There’s no doubt it’s about to be a Canvino summer – the perfect accompaniment to warm weather plans, even if it’s more likely to be Truro then Tuscany this year. Just add a cool box and great company for a taste of Italy in the UK, all season long.”

I for one, am looking forward to seeing if Canvino expands their wine into things more sweeter as they continue to expand.

To purchase Canvino visit and Amazon. Follow at @HouseofCanvino

Written by Tegan LeBon