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Pressure Review

What: a historical thriller with elements of gentle comedy on the team challenged with forecasting the weather for the D-day landings         It’s the eve of D-day 1944 and 350,000 lives depend on one of the More »


What can we offer to you all in our June Bob Hope Theatre slot? Joanna Murray-Smith is one of those magical author’s who manages to create the most delicious characters for us acting folk. We shall More »

Festibowl Review

Yauatcha and Tanqueray No. TEN Tea Garden Review

Summer is on the way and to celebrate, Yauatcha and Tanqueray No. TEN have teamed up to create the Tanqueray Tea Garden. Here you’ll discover their unique Gin and Tea concoctions which are simply delicious. More »

Theatre Royal’s Tartuffe Review

The Theatre Royal’s ‘Tartuffe’ is the West End’s first ever dual-language production. This adaptation of Molière’s classic comedy, featuring a multinational and multilingual cast, reimagines the titular character as a radical American evangelist disrupting the More »