Citadelle Gin and Sekforde Team Up For Mother’s Day

If your mum is a Gin Lover, it’s time to introduce her to French Gin…  Citadelle! A beautifully balanced Gin with three character traits – juniper, its signature and key base, citrus, the complimentary note that underlines the juniper and some exotic notes, offering an additional level of enjoyment with touches of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon. Created in 1996, Citadelle is distilled in copper pot stills over an open flame which gives the liquid a soft texture and a light, natural sweetness. Containing nineteen aromatics and botanicals, it’s been awarded Spirit of the Year, World’s Best Gin and Gin Grand Master.


Sekforde for Gin is a brand we love. It’s a quinine-free alternative made using a blend of natural botanicals and carbonated English spring water. It is low in calories (only 17kcal per serve), free of artificial flavourings, preservatives and sweeteners, and was designed to perfectly enhance the flavour of gin without overpowering it. Swapping the classic quinine flavours of tonic for a lightly carbonated blend of raspberry, rose and sage, it is naturally sweet, easy to mix at home and versatile enough to go with majority of gin brands. We reckon it’ll be a smashing success with Citadelle Gin and you’ll be your mother’s favourite! Recommended serve is over ice with a twist of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary or sage.

Sekforde can be purchased for £1.00 – £1.49 from 31 & Dover and Harvey Nichols.





Written by Tegan LeBon