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Roshe Run

Lately I have been in trend heaven. I am a person of comfort before style (yes, I know, forgive me fashion gods), but you will mostly see me in dark denim, a jumper and, as of recently, my Roshe Runs. It’s so much easier to pull on some socks and a clean trainer than endure a thorough pedicure to slip into 5 inch heels that will only do me harm half way through the day. Can I get a witness? This trend seems to fix that, and I am oh so grateful for its sudden boom in the fashion world.

The style has been floating around since early this year and with the recent Paris Fashion Week, we saw Chanel showcase their fall’14 line, sporting a few customised trainers to match the extravagant printed suits. Cara Delevingne would be the perfect poster girl for this trend, walking in a Haute Couture piece with matching trainers effortlessly. Even Rihanna attended looking gorgeous and preppy in a pastel trainer-dress combo.

It’s the perfect excuse to not wear heels anymore ladies, pair your work blazer and skirt with Roshe’s, or your skinny fit pant suits with Free Run 2.0s.

Hey, it even gives us more of a reason to step into a gym and get our fitness on, right? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

By Emmy Mah