Mother Clucker launches the D.I.FRY kit

Cooking at home is getting more and more exciting with all the new DIY Cooking kits you can now purchase from sought after restaurants and street food vendors. The latest DIY kit comes from Mother Clucker who have recently launched the D.I.FRY kit. Yes that does indeed mean you can now recreate the famous melt-in-your-mouth Southern fried chicken strips all in the comfort of your own home.

The kit contains halal chicken (brined in sweet tea), buttermilk, Mother Clucker’s secret flour mix, hot sauce and lime mayo. You can even purchase the Mother Clucker Fire Hot sauce, to give your chicken some serious heat (but be warned this isn’t for the faint hearted).

To see how the Pros batter the strips and fry the chicken, check out their Instagram page:

Prices start at just £18 for two people and can be purchased online at Great Food 2U:

With every order of the four person D.I.FRY kit, £2.50 will go to Brixton Soup Kitchen; a leading community hub helping the homeless and people in need in South London.

If you’re still craving their chicken, but a little too shy in the kitchen, you can order from Mother Clucker on Deliveroo. However these kits are a game changer and we can’t wait to get our hands on one! So release that inner-cook and get adventurous in the kitchen.