COMO The Halkin’s Ametsa with Arzak Instruction Afternoon Tea Review

Onin.London first visited COMO The Halkin for Afternoon Tea in 2016 and it was my first foray into the fine world of Michelin Star dining. So when we were given the chance to re-visit during Afternoon Tea Week (13th – 19th August), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The Ametsa with Arzak Instruction at the Halkin continues to provide a unique British High Tea with both savoury and sweet portions of food being influenced heavily by Spanish and Basque cuisine.

The savoury selection consisted of Quail Egg and Waffle, Txangumo in a shell, Iberico Ham Croquettes, Tomato and Rasberry Soup, Anchovy and Cod toastie and the Txistorra Granary Sandwich. Both of us were pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed the anchovy and cod dish. The saltiness of the anchovy complimented perfectly with the crunch toast base.

Desserts consisted of Mango Torrija, Ametsa Cheesecake, Grapefruit Meringue, Catalan Cream, Smoked Pineapple and Chocolate with Churros. I thoroughly enjoyed the savoury portion more than the sweet, however, for my guest it was the other way round. She devoured her portion of sweet treats, while I preferred to take my time working my way through them. Being allergic to cinnamon, the Catalan Cream with Cinnamon was changed to an alternative dessert for myself – a pureed apple and chocolate mouse dish. It was divine. Our favourite though was the Mango Torrija and the Ametsa Cheesecake.

The smoked pineapple, however, was a dish we both did not enjoy. It’s a delicacy the COMO The Halkin is known for and is pretty impressive in the way it is displayed. Though because of the textures and taste of the dish, I remained (like last time) unable to finish it. Our lovely waiter told us that 50% of customers love the smoky tastes of the dish, so dear readers you’ll have to let us know what you think of it.

COMO The Halkin’s Ametsa with Arzak Instruction Afternoon Tea is available every day between 2.30pm until 5.00pm, priced at £34 per person, or £40 per person with a glass of Cava. For an extra special touch, there is a range of Sipsmith Gin Cocktails available with your afternoon tea. We recommend having the Tea Collins – it was very refreshing! The menu changes every 3-4 months so it’s worth coming back time and time again for something new.

To book your experience and for further information visit: In celebration of Afternoon Tea Week, COMO The Halkin is offering 25% off Afternoon Tea, which can be booked until 25th August through

Address: COMO The Halkin

Halkin Street



Written by Tegan LeBon